Write. We ask you to attempt to write a narrative of up to 1000 and no less than 500 words. Submissions over 1,000 words may be edited for brevity if necessary.

Submit. Fill out our simple form on the submit page of our website and click the submit button when you’re ready. 

Connect. You’ll hear from us within 5 business days acknowledging that we’ve received and are reviewing your submission.

Get edits. Your story will be reviewed by our editor within 2 weeks, sometimes more depending on the number of submissions we have coming in at any given time. At this point we will either: 1) Accept your submission. 2) Reject it if it is in violation of our terms and mission. 3) Send it back to you with suggested tweaks/edits.

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Some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Can my story be anonymous?

Absolutely—you can be anonymous, use a pseudonym, or simply include your initials. However, please be sure to include a short bio that gives our readers a sense of who you are.

Can I write about my business or a special project I want to promote?

Your story can include one link to your personal website or social media, but please note that we exist to share personal stories. We are not a promotional site. 

What about stories and images that have been published elsewhere?

Even though we would much prefer that your writing be an original piece for Voices Unfiltered, you may submit previously published work, as long as the other website allows it. We just ask you to provide all appropriate credit and links back to the original site. You must have the right to use the images you provide to us.

What is appropriate for your audience? 

Keep it PG-13! We don’t accept stories with obscene content, or intolerant or hateful speech. Be inclusive and open-minded. Remember that our community is diverse. In deciding what to publish, we do our best to be as inclusive as possible and to consider the needs and passions of our entire, beautifully diverse community.