Mirror Decal – You Are Enough


Sometimes it’s those little reminders that we see during our day that can impact our state of min. Whether you’re wandering around in your pyjama pants, or dressed your best for an evening out with friends, when you look at yourself in the mirror you should acknowledge that you are enough! You have something in your that no one else has to offer. Maybe it’s your unique smile, maybe it’s the colour of your eyes, maybe it’s the complex story you have, maybe it’s your analytical  mind. Whatever you have within you try to remind yourself daily that it is enough, that you are enough! Every little piece of you is important. Remind yourself of this when you look in the mirror every day by placing this decal in your reflection. ❤️

Size: 16″ x 2″

Text Colour: Black

Material: Vinyl

Instructions: (will accompany the product upon arrival)

****Removable but not Reusable****

20% of ALL Voices Unfiltered profits are donated to suicide prevention efforts.

*Design by Sixty Forty

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