Ambassador Program

What's an Ambassador?

We believe that we can send messages so much more powerfully when we collaborate with others. This is why we decided to spearhead or Ambassador Program in 2021.
In this, we welcome connections with others that are passionate about ending the stigma surrounding mental illness and suicide.
If you are an inspired, mission-oriented being that desires a community of more compassion and acceptance then we want to work with you. If you believe in engaging your community and are passionate about educating and spreading awareness through social media, networking, and one-on-one conversations with others then you are the perfect fit for our Ambassador Program.
Simply submit the form below with more information about yourself and why this mental health initiative is important to you. We will respond to all requests whether accepted or not.

Why Become an Ambassador?

As a Voices Unfiltered Ambassador you receive discounted merchandise, occasional shout-outs from our social media platforms, and you help support individuals and entire communities with education and support resources. As an Ambassador, we will also welcome and poll you on upcoming merchandise designs. You will have a say in our future apparel and shop items if you wish to (there is no requirement to do so).

Once accepted to our Ambassador program, we also send you an appreciative token of our support and gratefulness. (It’s a surprise!)

Lastly, as an Ambassador we will support you and your story. At Voices Unfiltered we believe in the strength in your story. We believe in you. We encourage you to share your experience relating to mental health experiences on our blog and with our community, and we wholeheartedly believe that doing this will empower healing and leave you with a wiser mind and a stronger heart allowing you to grow in ways you never thought possible. 


1. Who can apply
If you are an inspired, pro-active individual with a passion for mental health awareness and a love for spreading menages of love and hope on social media, we would love for you to join this growing community! If you have had a personal experience (you or a loved one) with suicide we would also love for you to be an active part of this safe space.
2. Is there any commitment?
There is no required commitment to be a part of this program. We enrolled you on an honour system. We simply request that you use your voice and your words to advocate and inspire others. He simply 'hope' that you will be a catalyst for important conversations surrounding mental health and suicide. Most ambassadors LOVE showcasing our apparel items because it's an easy way to start these conversations.
3. What type of discount on shop items can be expected?
Those accepted into the Ambassador program will receive a code for 15% off of almost all of our shop items. In return we ask that you post a picture of yourself wearing our brand items and sharing the message on your social accounts - and please tag us!
4. Are there any other ways that I can help with this initiative?
Yes please! We are always looking for new volunteers within the mental health support community. If you are interested in being a part of our team of volunteers please email us at providing a short paragraph on why mental health is important to you.

Join Our Ambassador Program

Do you know a charity in need of support?

Please reach out! At Voices Unfiltered we are committed to nurturing a support network and creating change. We must help others that are suffering!

We welcome inquiries and suggestions from other Not-For- Profit organizations, or charities that are in need of finical resources. We also welcome requests on an individual basis for those that require financial support to get the help they need. We do our very best to support legitimate financial needs for those in crisis and if we are unable to support for various reasons we will always help by directing to larger foundations of support.