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Raised to Suicide Prevention Efforts

Our Mission

Although it may sound bold, at Voices Unfiltered our primary purpose is to save lives. We are promoting conversations that, Godwilling, will break the silence of those suffering and allow them to step into the light and the love that this community wants to surround them with. Our goal is to become the most recognized brand for supporting progressive and authentic conversations about the prevention of suicide & suicidal idealization.

Our Vision

We see great opportunity to increase awareness and intervention strategy by educating communities, and investing in supportive dialog and prompt, professional support. We strive to start conversations and to create safe spaces to share vulnerable stories of perseverance and personal heroism through suicidal exposure or episode. We believe in the power of true stories. Creating honest conversations though the raw voices and the personal accounts of those most closely affected by suicide, we endure to create a community of openness, education, support, and hope. We don’t just want to reduce the stigma associated with mental health tragedies, we intend to end it. Our mission is to fully hear the unfiltered voices of those most closely affected by suicide. Our hope is that their transparency will nurture atmospheres, communities and spaces that are filled with acceptance and love all while educating the world about best practises for intervention in sensitive mental health situations.

Our Commitment

As a company based on supporting what is ethically just, we are committed to being transparent and sustaining our ethical stance in all business practices associated with Voices Unfiltered. We are committed to environmentally progressive practises, high quality manufacturing, and ‘sweat-shop free’ processes in the production and delivery of all of our apparel items. We believe our products should be a reflection of our values, and as such, every person that purchases from Voices Unfiltered should feel the positivity of the family they have become a part of.

Our Contributors